• 18th of july live viewing of the “Greatest showman”
  • to celebrate PositHives “This Is Me” month starting at 6pm -8:30pm at the gallery on Brook Street.

  • 20th of July PositHive does Hull Pride Parade 2019

  • We will be meeting at Wilberforce drive at 11:00AM on the 20th Ready to set off at 11:30 AM making our way to queens gardens with our “Gay of Thrones” chair Also to celebrate one of our founder/leaders 40th Birthday.
  • 20th September North East Skinny Dip 2019 with Positive Hull CIC
  • We meet
    We get on coach to campsite.
    We pitch
    We have fun n be merry round camp fire 🔥
    Next morning we walk to the beach (not far)
    Then as the sun rises above the horizon we strip and run into the water.
    Exhilarating, beautiful, empowering and very cold
    Gets the endorphins going and will last for many weeks 😉
    We make our way back for cooked breakfast and go home.
    700 took part last year and I was one of 4 from Hull. I’m taking a posse this year.
    Who’s up for it?
    This is a free opportunity courtesy of PositHive as part of body positive month. You must become a member (also free) of PositHive.
    Please check with your gp that you are medically fit for this challenge Skinny Dip
  • More Coming Soon!
our anthem
People are people Love is love
This is ME pride
Our Pride poster